Welcome to the Crown and Flint Photo 'Blog!

Greetings! It's been a spell since I've done any 'blogging, and none of it has been on a dedicated photography 'blog, so as part of my goal of "Less Social Media, More Media" for 2021, I'm giving this another go.

I do have some old photography related 'blog posts up at Nautography that I'll be migrating over here (and updating) in the near future, along with some unfinished posts and a bunch of new content. It's really fascinating to look back a few years to see how much my views on photography have changed (or haven't).

One problem that I had with my old 'blog was pacing; I would post a bunch of stuff at once and then go months, or occasionally years, without any updates.* Well, this go-round, I think I have things a bit more well planned out, and I'm hoping to have about one update per month (not counting the a quick spam up re-hosts early on).


Abstract art? Yeah, I do that with cameras now too.

So buckle up, mind the dust as I get things up and running again, and welcome to the Crown and Flint Photo 'Blog!

*Fun fact, one of my first photography-related 'blog posts talks about it being 2020 before I posted an update to a particular topic. Oh the irony....